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$1.00 ($1.00 excl VAT) each Pear Diamond Model (.blend)
$1.00 ($1.00 excl VAT) each Marquis Diamond Model (.blend)
$1.00 ($1.00 excl VAT) each Oval Diamond Model (.blend)

Welcome to BlenderGems.com

Blendergems.com is a site dedicated to helping those who design jewelry using cad systems, or for those hobbyist who likes to tinker with jewelry design.  

The items here represent many of the add-ons which are used to create 3d artwork for jewelry items.  I use these daily when designing items for my customers, and am creating an every-growing library of items to use during the design process.

The items you will find here are gemstone collections, heads, rings, earrings and other types of jewelry findings that you can purchase and download to use in Blender (blender.org) or other 3d modeling tools.

Please feel free to browse the catalogue and find the items you are most interested int.  Please, also feel free to suggest items you would like to see available for downloading.  Your suggestions are important, and this site is dedicated to those of you who wish to see the jewelry 3d library grow daily!

Thank you again.



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