Tools I use to design Jewelry in Blender

There are three tools that I use a lot to design Jewelry with Blender 3D. Of course, you will need blender, but that is only the beginning.

The add-ons I use are are completely free. You can use alternatives if you like, but, these really help me…

Simple Asset Manager

Click Here to download the Simple Asset Manager

This is an add-on for blender that allows you to use a directory structure as a library of addon models. The models can be blend files or OBJ Files. It does require that you create a 200×200 image for a preview… I do this automatically now when ever I create a new object for my library.

PBR Materials for Blender

Click here to download the pbr material addon

This is an add-on that adds dozens of pbr materials that you can use for your modeling. It saves a lot of time instead of using the node editor to create your own. I won’t lie, I use this because if has all the shades for the precious metals like, gold, silver, platinum and more. This makes it much easier for me to render out an image to send to a customer.

JewelCraft for Blender

Click here to download the version for blender 2.9xxx

This add-on was written by Mikhail Rachinskiy It is a well written addon for Jewelers to help design wonderful products for our customers… It may take a bit to get used to, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be using it to create wonderfully complex designs or designs so simple, they are beautiful.

Installing these add-ons

This video is from my YouTube Channel, and here, I show you how to add these into Blender3D